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Earth Day 2018

At USFSP green initiatives and support  for environmental and sustainability initiatives are a high priority. The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library also supports these types of initiatives.

Earth Day display of Flowers
Display created by Natalie Polson

Least Terns

Adult Least Tern and chick. Photo by Audubon Florida.
Adult Least Tern and chick. Photo by Amanda and M.C. Morgan.

In Spring and Summer Least Tens, a threatened Florida bird species, nest on the roof of the Library during breeding season.


This past year as the Library got a new roof installed, an artificial nesting habitat was created on the roof for the birds. The space is over 1,000 square feet, the minimum size recommended by FWC and Audubon Florida, and is situated in the southwest corner of the roof.

This project was made possible by partnerships with USFSP, St. Petersburg Audubon Society, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, architects, and consultants.  We hope that the Least Terns will enjoy their new habitat space and continue successfully nesting on our roof for many years to come.

Least Tern handouts

Florida Sea Turtles

The Least Terns are not the only animals that have a protected nesting season at this time of year.  Florida Sea Turtles nest around the state between April and September. Some of the main Florida sea turtles include the Loggerhead, the Green Turtle, and the Leatherback.

15224158689_8c78da8c51_z (1)
Loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings crawl to sea Photo credit: Blair Witherington

We did a display on Sea Turtle Nesting here in the library to highlight the types of turtles and where they nest.  You can go on a tour at night with a guide to see the sea turtles nest in several locations around Florida. If you want to learn more come check out the display.




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